Sonata Project

A set of several rich open source bundles
based on Symfony

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What we can offer

Sonata Project offers a set of modulable and ready to use Bundles

Admin Bundles

A set of bundles connected to the most known “Admin Bundle” that provides robust administration interfaces.

Foundation Bundles

A toolbox that provides technical utilities which can be integrated to any Symfony project.

Feature Bundles

A set of functionalities that help managing content. The bundles can be easily integrated to your CMS projects.


An e-commerce solution based on Symfony 2 that helps building e-commerce sites easily.

Why Sonata?

Sonata Project provides an easy to configure, modulable and ready to use set of bundles.

Standard developping tools

  • Symfony framework
  • Twig, the PHP template engine
  • Doctrine, the PHP ORM
  • Bootstrap, a responsive front-end framework

Software architecture

  • RESTful API
  • HTTP cache ready with Varnish
  • Application cache with Redis or Memcached
  • Asynchronous tasks support


  • Over 600 contributors
  • 6 years of existance
  • Awesome community
  • Continuous development


  • BDD methodology testing
  • Code standards
  • PHP Unit for unit tests
  • Travis for continuous integration

Who is using Sonata?

Pascal Borreli

Developer at aYaline

We are using SonataNotificationBundle on Composer as a service ( in order to:
  • Send composer.json to RabbitMQ queue
  • Consume the queue and process each composer.json

Pix & Associates


Clairefontaine medical centre presentation website ( use the Sonata bundles.

Andriy Savchenko

Software developer / Team leader

Tennis Round ( helps tennis players of different skill levels find a tennis partner and schedule a match. It's also a nationwide directory of tennis courts and facilities in the USA. They used PageBundle, AdminBundle and all related, somewhat customized.

Fernando Pascua García

CTO - Notorious

Notorious ( connects you directly with experts behind your favorite stars. They are using AdminBundle.

Projects built around Sonata

Feel free to provide us some feedback on our work, give us suggestions, or to just say hello!