About Sonata

The Sonata Project is an open source set of bundles which are built on top of Symfony. It's majorly based on the community work around the globe and uses the most known bundles released by:

  • FriendsOfSymfony
  • KNPLabs
  • Symfony CMF
  • and so much more...

Before going further, let's talk some history/facts. The Sonata Project was founded by Thomas Rabaix “@rande" and was aiming to build a different kind of e-commerce solution.

In the mean time, the Symfony framework has been released and no bundles were provided to help building robust/strong web application. Then, the idea of building those bundles happened to be "efficient / advised” and have been prioritised in the roadmap imagined for the Sonata Project.

The first Bundle that has been released to the community is the AdminBundle (over 6M downloads so far).

Over the last 9 years, the Sonata Project team and the contributors have helped releasing over than 25 Bundles.

Each bundle responds to a specific need / problem and they have been “architectured / thought” to work independently of each others. They happen to work independently, some of them are used in other major open source projects like the "CMF", and "Sylius" as well

The Sonata Project team has focused its work to fulfill the first idea behind the Sonata Project which was the e-commerce solution. Ultimately, all the released bundles are used as a foundation to it. You can try our work available on our Demo and check it out on GitHub.

And so many things to come!

Feel free to provide us some feedback on our work, give us suggestions, or to just say hello!