What's been keeping us busy!

We have been working on different topics these last weeks. Some of you might have experienced some issues and it should be ok now. If you still have some issues please report on github.

Global changes

  • Introduce a Configuration class for all bundles
  • Entity classes are now configurable, this will help porting bundles into the different storage engine : PHPCR
  • Minor bug fixes
  • Documentation has been improved
  • Integrates the Travis CI service to test different bundles

EasyExtends Bundle

The bundle now have a dedicated Doctrine ORM Event to add extra information into the entities' metadatas. The old implementation suffers from 2 mains issues :

  • it was impossible to update the association once the schema files are generated
  • it was impossible to specify a custom class for the association as the class names were hard coded

Admin Bundle

Page Bundle

  • Support for multisite
  • Small changes have been introduced in the settings, please review the advanced configuration from the documentation.

News Bundle

  • Support for permalink generator for a blog entry
  • Add support for category

Media bundle

  • Introduce a command to synchronize the thumbnails, this can be use to regenerate thumbnails if the configuration changes
  • Integrate the LiipImagineBundle to handle thumbnail generation on the fly
  • Introduce 2 Page Blocks : Gallery and Feature. This block can be used in the PageBundle but this feature is optional. You don't need to PageBundle to use the MediaBundle.

You can find a working copy of the Sonata stack by downloading the sandbox available on github : https://github.com/sonata-project/sandbox. A demo is also available on http://demo.sonata-project.org


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