NewsBundle & ClassificationBundle

The ClassificationBundle is a new bundle build to organize entities. The bundle provides 3 types of classifications:

  • tag: A label attached to someone or something for identification or other information. (A blog post can have many tags)
  • collection: A group of objects or works to be seen, studied, or kept together. (A blog post belongs to one collection: economy or science)
  • category: A class or division of things regarded as having particular shared characteristics ( A product can belongs to many category)

The ClassificationBundle is mainly an extract of the NewsBundle, to tag and category can be reuse in others bundles.

If you are using the NewsBundle and don't want to update to the classification bundle, please lock your composer.json to use the 2.3.2 tags.

If you want to update, you can use the current dev-master in the composer.json (a 2.3.3 tags will be released soon). A full migration process is available here


  • Reinaldo (Oct 8, 2013)
    I think the Admin class of SonataNewsBundle was not updated to comport SonataClassificationBundle
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