The Sonata Project

The AdminBundle is the most popular Symfony's bundle available so far, over 200K downloads on, which represents a download out of 7 for Symfony2 for this month. From here, this looks huge!

Also the Sonata Project family includes 19 public bundles that can be used together to build a coherent solution based on the Symfony2 framework, however they can also be used independently (yes really!).

The about page available on the Sonata Project’s website says : "The goal of the Sonata Project is to provide an e-commerce framework solution based on the Symfony2 framework. Think of it as a toolkit based on Symfony2 components to make building e-commerce sites easy and fun!”.

Better late than never, we are very excited to release new e-commerce bundles! The code base has been around for nearly 3 years now and these last weeks, we took the time to stabilize it and also to add the related documentation.

What can you expect from this release:

We are in the process of updating the Sonata Project’s demo and opening everything, thanks for your patience. Of course, feel free to fork and contribute on github. More information are going to be provided in the next coming days.

The sandbox repository contains a work in progress demo site, you can retrieve the code from here

git clone [email protected]:sonata-project/sandbox.git test -b 2.3-develop
composer install
// configure the parameters.yml
php load_data.php

Special thanks to Ekino, the official sponsor of Sonata Project and its incredible PHP team.


  • Vladislav (Nov 19, 2013)
    Better fix the main sonata admin bundle, please, instead of creating new one bundles..
  • maxroby (Nov 18, 2013)
    Thanks for the great work! But "a live demo at" gives me 403 forbidden.
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