Sonata bundles' branching model

The current branching model is going to change to ensure minimum issues when you are updating the code with composer.

The current model is :

  • branch 2.0 refers to Symfony 2.0
  • master refers to Symfony 2.1

More over, bundles are not compatibles between major Symfony2 versions due to important refactoring in the Form Component, and the same is going to happen with symfony 2.2. So in order to make the branching mechanism a bit simple, the master branch is not going to be used anymore. So Sonata's bundles are going to follow the symfony's naming release.

  • branch 2.0 refers to Symfony2.0
  • branch 2.1 refers to Symfony2.1
  • branch 2.2 refers to Symfony2.2
  • and so on …

Every 2 or 3 weeks a new release will be tagged. Of course, this will be done only, if in the meantime new PRs or bug fixes are pushed.

What can you expect between minor releases (2.2.0 => 2.2.1)? Well mostly bug fixes but also new features. Why new features ? Because the sonata-project is a living project when features are added time to time. But keep in mind, we are doing our best to not include BC breaks and if we do there are always documented inside the CHANGELOG on every bundles.

Last important note, a new major Symfony release (2.1 => 2.1) will deprecate the previous related branch on the sonata-project. So you are welcomed to upgrade your project. PR will be of course accepted but on a best effort scale.


  • Sven (Apr 2, 2013)
    Call me blind, but as it seems to me the master branch at github is referencing to symfony2.2 whilst there is no 2.2 branch of the SonataAdminBundle...
  • sidibe (Mar 22, 2013)
    hi, i have a problem to install sonaAdminBundle symfony 2.2 with composer. Can you help to resolve this problem
  • Rodrigo Díez (Mar 15, 2013)
    Any 2.2 ETA?
  • Groucho (Mar 5, 2013)
    any progress for 2.2?
  • mell (Feb 27, 2013)
    This is great. I dont have to maintain my own mirror copy of sonata during this incompatibilities. Thank!
  • Massimiliano Arione (Feb 19, 2013)
    About time!
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