Sonata 2.2 changes / What's new!

We are making somes changes to the 2.2 branch to improve flexibility and user experiences.


  • The dashboard will be splitted into 3 columns and new blocks will be created like: lastest comments from the NewsBundle, unpublished pages from the PageBundle. Of course you can add your own blocks.
  • The main theme is now more compact, the old design was too "spacy".

Admin List 2.1

Sonata Admin List 2.1

Admin List 2.2

Sonata Admin List 2.2

  • Filters are now on the right side, advanced filtering are now hidden by default. You can still use it by clicking on the "Filters" title.
  • Title is now gone and replaced by the breadcrumb.

Edit / Create

Sonata Admin List 2.2

  • Form group are now represented as a tab
  • Integration with twitter bootstrap is better: using built in fluid content and button group
  • The list widget has been tweaked too (Category on the previous screenshot)


The block bundle will include a new notion: the BlockContext. A block contains data about … a block, until now it was not possible to change the settings of a block depends on a context. For instance, the CMF project might want to change the template or the cache ttl for a block on one page but still use another template for the same block on another page. The BlockContext with the BlockContextManager will help solving the issue.

This will introduce an important BC break, however the change is just a matter of method signature. You can see how to update your code with the file

The PR is available here


Removing inline block position

Inline editing of block position will be removed for many reasons:

  • advertising might break the html layout and so the block position algorithm can break
  • the user experience is not great, jQuery drag and drop support is failing on empty area
  • in order to make it works we need to include divs into the code, these divs might break the html and generate extra work for integrating html into twig templates.

new debugging commands

  • Dump the page information: page settings + blocks structure

Sonata PageBundle - Page/Block debugging

  • Render a block from a page (depends on the manager)

Sonata PageBundle - Page/Block debugging


  • Zertz (Apr 18, 2013)
    Nice work!
  • Jaime (Apr 9, 2013)
    Great! Very cool all in the admin bundle! Thanks very much!!
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