ChangeLog #2

We have been working to make Sonata’s bundles work properly with Symfony2.3. The job is almost done and as we are pretty happy by the progress, let’s share some changes and improvements.

We are also trying to keep the compatibility with Symfony2.2 as much as we can. So some bundles with 2.2.X tag can both work on Symfony2.2 and Symfony2.3.

As a small side note, thanks to you, the SonataAdminBundle have been downloaded more than 120 000 times on packagist, this represents 15% of Symfony2 installs.

SonataAdminBundle 2.2.4

  • Confirm on exit: a new option has been added so you cannot lose your work if you are closing the form window. A confirmation popup will ask you to confirm the action.
  • Acl Editor: if you are using the Acl Security Strategy, then a new action is available to edit user permission on the current object.
  • qTip has been removed to use the popover feature from twitter bootstrap
  • You can now alter a create instance from an Admin Extension by using the alterNewInstance function.
  • Our friends from the CMF project have started to work on the AdminBundle to introduce a simple pager to avoid counting number of elements which can be very expensive. This feature is for now only available on the PHPCR Admin Bundle

SonataPropelAdminBundle 1.0.0

  • Thanks to Clément, the Propel Admin Bundle reach a stable version
  • Test it and send feedback!

SonataNotificationBundle 2.2.1

  • Doctrine Backend: Messages are now displayed in the Admin backend where you can re-publish erroneous message or view the status and content of other messages.
  • Doctrine Backend: The command handling has been improved, you can now specify a consumer to start. This can be very useful if you want create virtual queues and add a dedicated process for a type of message.
  • The message model can be extended through EasyExtends, so if you want to customize this behavior it is now possible.

SonataPageBundle 2.3.1

  • Add command to remove old snapshots
  • Deprecated inline block edition as the user experience was very bad and the markup introduce by page bundle can also break the html. It is now possible to add block from the backend

SonataBlockbundle 2.2.4

  • It is now possible to persist block parameter for inline block

SonataFormatterBundle 2.3.0

SonataMediaBundle 2.2.3

  • Minor bug fixes
  • The download action can now deliver different formats for a media and not only the reference one.

As usual, if you like our work, please tell us!


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