What's been keeping us busy, March 2014 Edition

We have been pretty busy these last 3 months. So, let’s try to summarize what we have done so far.

All bundles now uses the new PSR-4 recommendation to handle class loading, so make sure you are using the latest composer version.

The documentation has been reviewed and is now tested on Travis to avoid rendering issues on the sonata-project.org website. On the other hand, The Travis build now includes hhvm tests for each bundle, which most of them by the way are green on hhvm ;)

We have started to implement a RESTFul API on all bundles. This has been done in 3 steps:

  • Defining serialization for each model with 3 groups: sonata_search, sonata_api_read and sonata_api_write.
  • Make the read API available on http://demo.sonata-project.org/api/doc/.
  • The last step is currently under heavy work: it is about making write APIs through the PUT, POST and DELETE methods.

The API is built around great bundles from the community: JMSSerializerBundle, FOSRESTBundle and NelmioAPIDocBundle to provide our API and some documentation. We added behat tests using the Behat’s WebApiContext to test our code quality. We will provide more information once the API is stable.

We also updated each page's design of the demo and we're trying to optimize ASAP every template by using Twitter Bootstrap 3. The Admin Bundle still relies on the Twitter Bootstrap 2, but we plan to support Twitter Bootstrap 3 for the 2.3 series of this bundle. See https://github.com/sonata-project/SonataAdminBundle/issues/1723 for more information.

A lot of work has been done too on the e-commerce bundles as well, to either fix internal bugs or to improve the frontend layout:

  • Add a stepper for the checkout process
  • Improve the product sheet with 3 new parts: Media, Full description, Comment
  • Integrate the FOSComment bundle to manage the comments related to products so far
  • Display the VAT by value (it’s fully customizable)
  • Add a nice “Add to basket” popin, which can be activated or deactivated for each product type. We activated this feature only for travels on our demo.

The sandbox has been updated with new product fixtures in order to become more realistic and to have a better look. The products available are :

  • Travels (complex products with variations)
  • Goodies (simple products without variation)
  • Dummies (very simple products to challenge the catalog, the (yet missing) search engine, …)

Stay tuned for the next post :-)


  • ibasaw (Mar 18, 2014)
    hi, the api doc is protected by a password http://demo.sonata-project.org/api/doc/ ++
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