The new Sonata Project team

Hello all!

It has been a while since the last update on this blog. The reason is quite simple, as any open source projects, time is always an issue and generates dead locks… So a good solution to make things move forward is to let go and put it on good hands.

In the last few months, some contributors have asked to be part of the Sonata’s Core Team. These people provide great feedback about how the current Sonata project has been managed (release management) and most importantly how to make it way better:

Of course, this new team also provides great support on GitHub’s issues and increases the support of Symfony 3.0.

Let’s introduce them:

  • Soullivaneuh (from France) has been pushing the release management of Sonata to a new standard level.
  • core23 (from Germany) is helping over issues and incoming Pull Requests on GitHub
  • OskarStark (from Germany) is helping over the documentation and issues on Github.
  • greg0ire (from France) is also helping on migrating some bundles and regularly checks issues on Github.
  • pulzarraider (from Slovakia) has been helping a lot by adding a lot of missing unit tests on the AdminBundle and helped to implement autocomplete features inside the AdminBundle.

See you soon for more news!



  • Kxc (Apr 23, 2016)
    Good luck guys!
  • Loïc (Apr 22, 2016)
    That's great news for Sonata, good luck to the new team!
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