The Sonata Project: alive and kicking

New communication channel

We believe Github issues should be only be about bug reports or feature requests, and that questions are best answered by the community on Stack Overflow, which can also do the necessary moderation for us. However, it can be a bit painful for small questions. If you want to have chat with us for support or anything else, you can pay us a visit on the #sonata channel on the symfony-dev Slack, we'll be happy to have a chat with you.

New contributors

The never-ending stream of pull requests getting merged and the steady pace of the releases gives a nice impression of health, which in turn is an incentive for potential contributors to go ahead and make a PR, or for former contributors like Anton Zlotnikov to return with more contributions.

This virtuous circle is powered by a team of reviewers, which was recently joined by Jordi Sala Morales, after a big contributing spree on the media bundle. He became quickly familiar with our processes, and is now working on an integration of version 2 of the FOSUserBundle.

Our next move

The next major releases are around the corner, and with them we plan to drop support for php 5, as well as support for symfony < 2.8 . This will allow us to drop a lot of quirky backwards-compatibility related code, and thus, to move at an even faster pace. If you want to help us get there, please head to this issue. There should be almost no new features, because we try to introduce them as much as possible through minor versions which are, according to semver, backwards-compatible.


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