Sonata Sandbox build

Installing the Sonata's sandbox can be a frustrating effort due to different issues: composer memory issue, slow connection, wrong composer definitions, wrong php configuration, dev vs stable release, etc... This does not only affect the Sonata Project, but any large projet using multiple bundles or libraries from different vendors. We have been working on improving the developer experience.

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Introducing SonataCoreBundle

One more bundle! Actually, this is not true, the code has been around in the AdminBundle, but we do thing the AdminBundle is too fat, and we try to remove non specific code to a dedicated bundle....

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The Sonata Project

Better late than never, we are very excited to release new e-commerce bundles! The code base has been around for nearly 3 years now and these last weeks, we took the time to stabilize it and also to add the related documentation.

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