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Sonata Admin Search Bundle ========================== By default, SonataAdminBundle_ uses the storage backend full-text search capabilities to provide search results or filtered listings. This bundle should help you leverage the power of your search engine when full-text search is not good enough. For the moment, only elasticsearch_ is supported, with the help of FOSElasticaBundle_ finder services. Warning: don't use this bundle if you're not willing to do what it takes to fix it when it breaks. There is no main developer for it at the moment, but we do review and merge PRs pretty quickly. .. _SonataAdminBundle: .. _elasticsearch: .. _FOSElasticaBundle: .. toctree:: :caption: Reference Guide :name: reference-guide :maxdepth: 1 :numbered: reference/installation reference/configuration reference/createquery reference/filter_field_definition

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