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3. Configuration

Configuration options

  • security_handler
    • : The default value
    • : Use this service if you want ACL
  • title : The admin’s title, can be the client name for instance (default: Sonata Admin)

  • title_logo : logo to use, must be an image with a height of 28px (default : /bundles/sonataadmin/logo_title.png)

Please see Templates for more information on how to configure default templates.

3.1. Full Configuration Options


    title:      Sonata Project
    title_logo: /bundles/sonataadmin/logo_title.png
        # default global templates
        layout:  SonataAdminBundle::standard_layout.html.twig
        ajax:    SonataAdminBundle::ajax_layout.html.twig
        dashboard: SonataAdminBundle:Core:dashboard.html.twig

        # default actions templates, should extend a global templates
        list:    SonataAdminBundle:CRUD:list.html.twig
        show:    SonataAdminBundle:CRUD:show.html.twig
        edit:    SonataAdminBundle:CRUD:edit.html.twig

            # display a dashboard block
            - { position: left, type: sonata.admin.block.admin_list }

            # Customize this part to add new block configuration
            - { position: right, type: sonata.block.service.text, settings: { content: "<h2>Welcome to the Sonata Admin</h2> <p>This is a <code>sonata.block.service.text</code> from the Block Bundle, you can create and add new block in these area by configuring the <code>sonata_admin</code> section.</p> <br /> For instance, here a RSS feed parser (<code>sonata.block.service.rss</code>):"} }
            - { position: right, type: sonata.block.service.rss, settings: { title: Sonata Project's Feeds, url: }}

    default_contexts: [cms]
            contexts:   [admin]

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