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10. Field Types

10.1. List and Show Actions

There are many field types that can be used in the list action or show action :

  • array: display value from an array
  • boolean: display a green or red picture dependant on the boolean value, this type accepts an editable parameter to edit the value from within the list or the show actions
  • date: display a formatted date
  • datetime: display a formatted date and time
  • text: display a text
  • trans: translate the value with a provided catalogue option
  • string: display a text
  • decimal: display a number
  • currency: display a number with a provided currency option
  • percent: display a percentage


If the SonataIntlBundle is installed in the project some template types will be changed to use localized information.

More types might be provided based on the persistency layer defined. Please refer to their related documentations.

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