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10. Creating and Editing objects


This document is a stub representing a new work in progress. If you’re reading this you can help contribute, no matter what your experience level with Sonata is. Check out the issues on Github for more information about how to get involved.

This document will cover the Create and Edit actions. It will cover configuration of the fields and forms available in these views and any other relevant settings.

10.1. Basic configuration

To do:

  • global (yml) options that affect the create and edit actions
  • a note about Routes and how disabling them disables the related action
  • using configureFormFields() to set which fields to display
  • options available when adding fields, inc custom templates
  • link to the field_types document for more details about specific field types

10.2. Embedding other Admins

To do:

  • how to embed one Admin in another (1:1, 1:M, M:M)
  • how to access the right object(s) from the embedded Admin’s code

10.3. Customizing just one of the actions

To do:

  • how to create settings/fields that appear on just one of the create/edit views and any controller changes needed to manage them

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