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3. Warning: this doc page is not up to date and will be removed soon.

This page will be removed soon, as it’s content is being improved and moved to other pages of the documentation. Please refer to each section’s documentation for up-to-date information on SonataAdminBundle configuration options.

3.1. Configuration

Configuration options

  • security
    • handler
      • : The default value
      • : Use this service if you want ACL

3.2. Full Configuration Options

  • YAML
            acl_user_manager: fos_user.user_manager # Name of the user manager service used to retrieve ACL users
            html5_validate: false # does not use html5 validation
            confirm_exit:   false # disable confirmation when quitting with unsaved changes
            use_select2:    false # disable select2
            pager_links:    5     # pager max links to display
        # set to true to persist filter settings per admin module in the user's session
        persist_filters: false

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