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7. Select2

The admin comes with select2 <> integration since version 2.2.6. Select2 is a jQuery based replacement for select boxes. It supports searching, remote data sets, and infinite scrolling of results.

The select2 is enabled on all select form elements by default.

7.1. Disable select2

If you don’t want to use select2 in your admin, you can disable it in config.yml.

  • YAML
            use_select2:    false # disable select2


If you disable select2, autocomplete form types will stop working.

7.2. Disable select2 on some form elements

To disable select2 on some select form element, set data attribute data-sonata-select2="false" to this form element.

->add('category', 'sonata_type_model',

7.3. AllowClear

Select2 parameter allowClear is handled automatically by admin. But if you want to overload the default functionality, you can set data attribute data-sonata-select2-allow-clear="true" to enable allowClear or data-sonata-select2-allow-clear="false" to disable allowClear parameter.

->add('category', 'sonata_type_model',

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