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17. Console/Command-Line Commands

SonataAdminBundle provides the following console commands:

  • cache:create-cache-class
  • sonata:admin:generate
  • sonata:admin:list
  • sonata:admin:explain
  • sonata:admin:setup-acl
  • sonata:admin:generate-object-acl

17.1. cache:create-cache-class

The cache:create-cache-class command generates the cache class (var/cache/...env.../classes.php) from the file.

Usage example:

$ php bin/console cache:create-cache-class

17.2. sonata:admin:generate

The sonata:admin:generate command generates a new Admin class based on the given model class, registers it as a service and potentially creates a new controller. As an argument you need to specify the fully qualified model class. All passed arguments and options are used as default values in interactive mode. You can disable the interactive mode with --no-interaction option.

The command require the SensioGeneratorBundle to work. If you don’t already have it, you can install it with :

$ composer require --dev sensio/generator-bundle
Options Description
bundle the bundle name (the default value is determined by the given model class, e.g. “AppBundle” or “YourNSFooBundle”)
admin the admin class basename (by default this adds “Admin” to the model class name, e.g. “BarAdmin”)
controller the controller class basename (by default this adds “AdminController” to the model class name, e.g. “BarAdminController”)
manager the model manager type (by default this is the first registered model manager type, e.g. “orm”)
services the services YAML file (the default value is “services.yml” or “admin.yml” if it already exist)
id the admin service ID (the default value is combination of the bundle name and admin class basename like “”)

Usage example:

$ php bin/console sonata:admin:generate AppBundle/Entity/Foo

17.3. sonata:admin:list

To see which admin services are available use the sonata:admin:list command. It prints all the admin service ids available in your application. This command gets the ids from the sonata.admin.pool service where all the available admin services are registered.

Usage example:

$ php bin/console sonata:admin:list
List command

List command

17.4. sonata:admin:explain

The sonata:admin:explain command prints details about the admin of a model. As an argument you need to specify the admin service id of the Admin to explain.

Usage example:

$ php bin/console sonata:admin:explain
Explain command

Explain command

17.5. sonata:admin:setup-acl

The sonata:admin:setup-acl command updates ACL definitions for all Admin classes available in sonata.admin.pool. For instance, every time you create a new Admin class, you can create its ACL by using the sonata:admin:setup-acl command. The ACL database will be automatically updated with the latest masks and roles.

Usage example:

$ php bin/console sonata:admin:setup-acl

17.6. sonata:admin:generate-object-acl

The sonata:admin:generate-object-acl is an interactive command which helps you to generate ACL entities for the objects handled by your Admins. See the help of the command for more information.

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