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12. Improve Performance of Large Datasets »

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11. Overwrite Admin Configuration

Sometimes you might want to overwrite some Admin settings from vendors. This recipe will explain how to achieve this operation. However, keep in mind this operation is quite dangerous and might break code.

From the configuration file, you can add a new section named admin_services with the following templates:

            # service configuration
            model_manager:              sonata.admin.manager.doctrine_orm
            form_contractor:            sonata.admin.builder.doctrine_orm
            show_builder:               sonata.admin.builder.doctrine_orm
            list_builder:               sonata.admin.builder.doctrine_orm
            datagrid_builder:           sonata.admin.builder.doctrine_orm
            translator:                 translator
            configuration_pool:         sonata.admin.pool
            route_generator:            sonata.admin.route.default_generator
            validator:                  validator
            menu_factory:               knp_menu.factory
            route_builder:              sonata.admin.route.path_info
            label_translator_strategy:  sonata.admin.label.strategy.native

            # templates configuration
                # view templates
                    user_block:             mytemplate.twig.html
                # form related theme templates => this feature need to be implemented by the Persistency layer of each Admin Bundle
                form:   ['MyTheme.twig.html', 'MySecondTheme.twig.html']
                filter: ['MyTheme.twig.html', 'MySecondTheme.twig.html']

With these settings you will be able to change default services and templates used by the id.of.admin.service` admin instance.

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