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Integrate Symfony Workflow Component ==================================== If you are using Symfony `Workflow Component`_ and if you wish to use it with Sonata, there is a 3rd party library that provides toolkit classes. Download the Bundle ------------------- .. code-block:: bash composer require yokai/sonata-workflow Usage ----- Let's say we have a ``BlogPost`` entity that is under a Symfony workflow: .. code-block:: yaml # config/packages/workflow.yaml framework: workflows: blog_post: type: state_machine marking_store: type: single_state arguments: - status supports: - App\Entity\BlogPost places: - draft - pending_review - pending_update - published initial_place: draft transitions: start_review: from: draft to: pending_review interrupt_review: from: pending_review to: pending_update restart_review: from: pending_update to: pending_review publish: from: pending_review to: published You can use the provided extension to take care of your entity admin. .. code-block:: yaml # config/packages/sonata_admin.yaml services: app.admin.blog_post: class: App\Admin\BlogPostAdmin arguments: - ~ - App\Entity\BlogPost - Yokai\SonataWorkflow\Controller\WorkflowController tags: - { name: sonata.admin, manager_type: orm } app.admin.extension.workflow.blog_post: class: Yokai\SonataWorkflow\Admin\Extension\WorkflowExtension arguments: - '@workflow.registry' - transitions_icons: start_review: fas fa-question interrupt_review: fas fa-edit restart_review: fas fa-question publish: fas fa-check .. code-block:: yaml # config/packages/sonata_admin.yaml sonata_admin: extensions: admin.extension.workflow.blog_post: admins: - app.admin.blog_post You are all set. If you visit your admin page in edit or show mode, you will see something like this: .. image:: ../images/admin_with_workflow.png :align: center :alt: Sonata Admin with Workflow :width: 700px .. _`Workflow Component`:

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