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Create child admins ------------------- Let us say you have a ``PlaylistAdmin`` and a ``VideoAdmin``. You can optionally declare the ``VideoAdmin`` to be a child of the ``PlaylistAdmin``. This will create new routes like, for example, ``/playlist/{id}/video/list``, where the videos will automatically be filtered by post. To do this, you first need to call the ``addChild`` method in your ``PlaylistAdmin`` service configuration with two arguments, the child admin name (in this case ``VideoAdmin`` service) and the Entity field that relates our child Entity with its parent: .. configuration-block:: .. code-block:: yaml # config/services.yaml App\Admin\PlaylistAdmin: calls: - [addChild, ['@App\Admin\VideoAdmin', 'playlist']] .. code-block:: xml playlist To display the ``VideoAdmin`` extend the menu in your ``PlaylistAdmin`` class:: namespace App\Admin; use Knp\Menu\ItemInterface as MenuItemInterface; use Sonata\AdminBundle\Admin\AbstractAdmin; use Sonata\AdminBundle\Admin\AdminInterface; final class PlaylistAdmin extends AbstractAdmin { protected function configureSideMenu(MenuItemInterface $menu, $action, AdminInterface $childAdmin = null) { if (!$childAdmin && !in_array($action, ['edit', 'show'])) { return; } $admin = $this->isChild() ? $this->getParent() : $this; $id = $admin->getRequest()->get('id'); $menu->addChild('View Playlist', [ 'uri' => $admin->generateUrl('show', ['id' => $id]) ]); if ($this->isGranted('EDIT')) { $menu->addChild('Edit Playlist', [ 'uri' => $admin->generateUrl('edit', ['id' => $id]) ]); } if ($this->isGranted('LIST')) { $menu->addChild('Manage Videos', [ 'uri' => $admin->generateUrl('', ['id' => $id]) ]); } } } It also possible to set a dot-separated value, like ````, if your parent and child admins are not directly related. Be wary that being a child admin is optional, which means that regular routes will be created regardless of whether you actually need them or not. To get rid of them, you may override the ``configureRoutes`` method:: namespace App\Admin; use Sonata\AdminBundle\Admin\AbstractAdmin; use Sonata\AdminBundle\Route\RouteCollection; final class VideoAdmin extends AbstractAdmin { protected function configureRoutes(RouteCollection $collection) { if ($this->isChild()) { return; } // This is the route configuration as a parent $collection->clear(); } } You can nest admins as deep as you wish. Let's say you want to add comments to videos. You can then add your ``CommentAdmin`` admin service as a child of the ``VideoAdmin`` admin service. Finally, the admin interface will look like this: .. figure:: ../images/child_admin.png :align: center :alt: Child admin interface :width: 700px

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