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.. index:: single: Events single: Block Events ====== Sometimes you might want to create an area where a block can be added, depending on some external settings. A good example is a `Comment mechanism`. You might want to create a ``CommentBundle`` to render a `comment thread` on different pages. The comment area can use Disqus_ or your own solution. As part of a full stack solution, you don't know which solution is going to be used. However, you know where the comment area will be located. The `Event mechanism` implemented in the ``SonataBlockBundle`` tries to address this situation, and to provide a clean syntax: .. code-block:: jinja {# post.twig.html #}

{{ post.title }}

{{ post.message }}
{{ sonata_block_render_event('blog.comment', { 'target': post }) }} The `Twig` helper will dispatch a ``BlockEvent`` object where services can add ``BlockInterface``. Once the event is processed, the helper will render the available blocks. If there is no block, then the helper will return an empty string. Implementation ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ You can register a service to listen to the service ``blog.comment``. The actual name for the ``EventDispatcher`` must be prefixed by ``sonata.block.event``. So, the current the name will be ````. .. configuration-block:: .. code-block:: xml .. code-block:: yaml # config/services.yaml services: disqus.comment: class: Sonata\CommentBundle\Event\Disqus" tags: - { name: kernel.event_listener, event:, method: onBlock } The `event listener` must push one or some ``BlockInterface`` instances into ``BlockEvent`` passed in so the rendering workflow will work properly:: use Sonata\BlockBundle\Model\Block; class Disqus { public function onBlock(BlockEvent $event) { $block = new Block(); $block->setId(uniqid('', true)); // set a fake id $block->setSettings($event->getSettings()); $block->setType('sonata.comment.block.discus'); $event->addBlock($block); } } And that's it! Of course, this example supposes that you have a ``BlockServiceInterface``, which can handle the type ``sonata.comment.block.discus``. Profiler Information ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ If an event is available in the current page, a ``*`` will appear next to the ``blocks`` label in the profiler toolbar. In the following schema, you have 3 events and 1 generated block: .. figure:: ../images/block_profiler.png :align: center :alt: Block profiler with events :width: 500 You can retrieve event's name in the block panel. The panel includes the event's name and the different listeners available and the generated blocks (if any). .. figure:: ../images/block_profiler_event.png :align: center :alt: Block profiler with events :width: 500 .. _Disqus:

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