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5. Counter

The SonataCacheBundle comes with counter adapters to store value:

  • A counter is a simple object with a name and a value
  • An adapter contains methods to increment or decrement a counter

5.1. Adapters

  • sonata.cache.counter.mongo: use MongoDB to store counters in a dedicated collection
  • sonata.cache.counter.predis: use PRedis to store counters in a Redis database
  • sonata.cache.counter.memcached: use MemcacheD to store counters in a shared and volatile storage
  • sonata.cache.counter.apc: use APC to store counters in the current PHP process shared memory

MongoDB or PRedis must be used in production, memcached and apc might be used to solve specifics use cases.

5.2. Usage


use Sonata\CacheBundle\Adapter\Counter\PRedisCounter;
use Sonata\CacheBundle\Counter\Counter;

$adapter = PRedisCounter(array(
    'host'     => '',
    'port'     => 6379,
    'database' => 42

$counter = $adapter->increment("mystats");

// $counter is a Counter object
$counter->getValue(); // will return 1 if the counter is new

$counter = $adapter->increment($counter, 10);

$counter->getValue(); // will return 11

5.3. Configuration

To use the counter feature, add the following lines to your application configuration file:

# app/config/config.yml
    default_counter: sonata.cache.counter.mongo

        mongo:                   # sonata.cache.counter.mongo
            database:   cache
            collection: cache
                - {host:, port: 27017, user: username, password: pASS'}
                - {host:}

        memcached:                # sonata.cache.counter.memcached
            prefix: test          # prefix to ensure there is no clash between instances
                - {host:, port: 11211, weight: 0}

        predis:                  # sonata.cache.counter.predis
                - {host:, port: 11211, database: 6379}

        apc:                     # sonata.cache.counter.apc
            prefix: test         # prefix to ensure there is no clash between instances

The default_counter defines a global counter service name sonata.cache.counter.

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