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The bundle comes with a handy FormHelper::removeField method which can be used to remove form’s fields if the related submitted data is not provided. The Form Component’s default behavior is to set null if a form field is defined but no data submitted for this particular field. This is quite annoying while building an API and the client only sent partial data to update an entity:

use Sonata\ClassificationBundle\Form\Type\ApiCategoryType;

$category = $id ? $this->getCategory($id) : null;

$form = $this->formFactory->createNamed(null, ApiCategoryType::class, $category, [
    'csrf_protection' => false

FormHelper::removeFields($request->request->all(), $form);


if ($form->isValid()) {
    // ...

The call needs to be done before the bind function as you cannot manipulate the form after the binding.

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