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Configuration ============= You provide admin services for document types by tagging them as ``sonata.admin`` with the option ``manager_type: doctrine_phpcr`` and `as usual`_ you can specify a group name and the label for this type. On this bundle, you can configure templates and the document tree. .. configuration-block:: .. code-block:: yaml # config/packages/sonata_doctrine_phpcr_admin.yaml sonata_doctrine_phpcr_admin: templates: form: # Default: - '@SonataDoctrinePHPCRAdmin/Form/form_admin_fields.html.twig' filter: # Default: - '@SonataDoctrinePHPCRAdmin/Form/filter_admin_fields.html.twig' types: list: # Prototype name: [] show: # Prototype name: [] pager_results: '@SonataDoctrinePHPCRAdmin/Pager/simple_pager_results.html.twig' document_tree: # See :doc:`document_tree`. class: # class names of valid children, manage tree operations for them and hide other children valid_children: [] image: document_tree_defaults: [] document_tree_options: # Depth to which to fetch tree children when rendering the initial tree depth: 1 # Exact check if document has children. For large trees, set to false for better # performance, but user might needs to click on expand to see there are no children. precise_children: true # Whether moving a node in the tree asks for confirmation. confirm_move: true .. _`as usual`:

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