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Form Type ========= Media Type ---------- .. figure:: ../images/sonata_media_type.png :align: center :alt: The sonata_media_type widget The sonata_media_type widget The ``sonata_media_type`` can be used to assign a Media instance to another entity. There are required parameters: ``provider``,, etc ... ``context`` the context to use And optionals parameters: ``empty_on_new`` (default is true): the related data transformer will return null instead of an empty Media instance if no binary content is provided. ``new_on_update`` (default is true): create a new media instance if a binary content is set. If the value is set to ``false``, then the media will be overwritten and related entities can be affected by this change. The following example shows how to use them:: $post = new Post(); // create the form $builder = $this->createFormBuilder($post); $builder->add('media', 'sonata_media_type', [ 'provider' => '', 'context' => 'default', ]); $form = $builder->getForm(); // bind and transform the media's binary content into real content if ($request->getMethod() == 'POST') { $form->bindRequest($request); // do stuff ... } You also need to add a new form theme template to twig configuration: .. code-block:: yaml # config/packages/twig.yaml twig: debug: '%kernel.debug%' strict_variables: '%kernel.debug%' form_themes: - '@SonataMedia/Form/media_widgets.html.twig'

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