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Security ======== Access to the original media is not possible as the file can be private or/and unsecure for the end user. However we still need an action to download the file from the server. To solve this issue, the ``SonataMediaBundle`` introduces a download strategy interface, which can be set per context and authorize the media retrieval. Built-in security strategy: * ```` : DEFAULT - the user needs to have one of the following roles : ``ROLE_SUPER_ADMIN`` or ``ROLE_ADMIN`` (although these roles can be configured in SonataAdminBundle) * ```` : no restriction, files are public * ```` : not possible to retrieve the original file * ```` : the need to have one of the following roles : ``IS_AUTHENTICATED_FULLY`` or ``IS_AUTHENTICATED_REMEMBERED`` On top of that, there is 3 download modes which can be configured to download the media. The download mode depends on the HTTP server you used: * http : DEFAULT - use php to send the file * X-Sendfile : use the ``X-Sendfile`` flag (Apache + mod_xsendfile : * X-Accel-Redirect : use the ``X-Accel-Redirect`` flag (Nginx : .. note:: Some file storage abstractions might not be compatible with some specific server flag, if you are not sure always use ``http``. .. note:: If you use ``X-Sendfile`` or ``X-Accel-Redirect`` download mode, don't forget to specify that you trust this header by adding ``BinaryFileResponse::trustXSendfileTypeHeader();`` in your app controller. Configuration Example --------------------- For the context ``default`` the user need to be a Super Admin to retrieve the file in ``http`` mode. .. code-block:: yaml # config/packages/sonata_media.yaml sonata_media: db_driver: doctrine_orm contexts: default: # the default context is mandatory download: strategy: mode: http providers: - - - - The related download route name is ``sonata_media_download``. .. code-block:: jinja Download file Creating your own Security Download Strategy -------------------------------------------- The Strategy class must implement the ``DownloadStrategyInterface`` which contains 2 main methods : * isGranted : return true or false depends on the strategy logic * getDescription : explains the strategy Let's create the following strategy : a media can be downloaded only by the given users:: namespace Sonata\MediaBundle\Security; use Sonata\MediaBundle\Model\MediaInterface; use Symfony\Component\HttpFoundation\Request; use Symfony\Component\Security\Core\Authentication\Token\Storage\TokenStorageInterface; use Symfony\Component\Translation\TranslatorInterface; class UsersDownloadStrategy implements DownloadStrategyInterface { /** * @var TokenStorageInterface */ protected $tokenStorage; /** * @var TranslatorInterface */ protected $translator; /** * @var array */ protected $users; public function __construct(TokenStorageInterface $tokenStorage, TranslatorInterface $translator, array $users = []) { $this->tokenStorage = $tokenStorage; $this->translator = $translator; $this->users = $users; } public function isGranted(MediaInterface $media, Request $request) { return in_array($this->tokenStorage->getToken()->getUsername(), $this->users); } public function getDescription() { return $this->translator->trans( 'description.users_download_strategy', ['%users%' => ''.implode(', ', $this->users).''], 'SonataMediaBundle' ); } } Let's explain a bit : * ``isGranted`` : the method test if granted user exists in allowed users for download * ``getDescription`` : return a translated message to explain what the current strategy does The last important part is declaring the service. .. configuration-block:: .. code-block:: yaml # config/services.yaml services: class: Sonata\MediaBundle\Security\UsersDownloadStrategy arguments: ['@security.token_storage', '@translator', ['mozart', 'chopin']] .. code-block:: xml mozart chopin Now the service can be used with a context: .. code-block:: yaml # config/packages/sonata_media.yaml sonata_media: db_driver: doctrine_orm contexts: contents: download: strategy: providers: - formats: []

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