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2. Helpers

The bundle comes with different helpers to render the thumbnail or the media itself. The thumbnail always represents the media’s image preview (i.e. the thumbnail of a flash video). And the media helper generates the media itself (i.e. the flash video).

2.1. PHP Usage

Render the thumbnail:

<?php echo $view['sonata_media']->thumbnail($media, 'small') ?>

<?php echo $view['sonata_media']->thumbnail($media, 'small', array(
    'class' => 'myclass'
) ?>

Render the media:

<?php echo $view['sonata_media']->media($media, 'small') ?>

<?php echo $view['sonata_media']->media($media, 'small', array(
    'class' => 'myclass'
) ?>

Render the path:

<?php echo $view['sonata_media']->path($media, 'small') ?>

2.2. Twig usage

Render the thumbnail:

{% thumbnail media, 'small' %}

{% thumbnail media, 'small' with {'class': 'myclass'} %}

Render the media:

{% media media, 'small' %}

{% media media, 'small' with {'class': 'myclass'} %}

Render the path:

{% path media, 'small' %}

Render the path to a context:

{% path media, 'reference' %}

2.3. Thumbnails for files

The provider does not generate thumbnails. This provider tries to display a default thumbnail by context and format.

The default thumbnail must be put in the web/uploads/media/media_bundle/images/<context-name>_<format-name>/ directory (be sure to replace <context-name> and <format-name>). The file must be called file.png and must comply with the size configured for this format.

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