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Installation ============ SonataDoctrineMongoDBAdminBundle is part of a set of bundles aimed at abstracting storage connectivity for SonataAdminBundle. As such, SonataDoctrineMongoDBAdminBundle depends on SonataAdminBundle, and will not work without it. .. note:: These installation instructions are meant to be used only as part of SonataAdminBundle's installation process, which is documented `here `_. Download the Bundle ------------------- .. code-block:: bash composer require sonata-project/doctrine-mongodb-admin-bundle Enable the Bundle ----------------- Then, enable the bundle by adding it to the list of registered bundles in ``bundles.php`` file of your project:: // config/bundles.php return [ // ... Sonata\DoctrineMongoDBAdminBundle\SonataDoctrineMongoDBAdminBundle::class => ['all' => true], ];

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