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9. Command Line Tools

9.1. Flush commands

  • Flush cache elements matching the key block_id = 5:

    php app/console sonata:cache:flush --keys='{"block_id":5}'
  • Flush all cache elements:

    php app/console sonata:cache:flush-all

For more information about this, please have a look at the SonataCacheBundle documentation.

9.2. Page commands

  • Update core routes, from routing files to page manager:

    php app/console sonata:page:update-core-routes --site=all
  • Create snapshots from defined pages:

    php app/console sonata:page:create-snapshots --site=all
  • Cleanup snapshots:

    php app/console sonata:page:cleanup-snapshots --site=all --keep-snapshots=5

Please note that you can also give multiple website identifiers for all those commands, this way:

php app/console sonata:page:update-core-routes –site=1 –site=2 –site=... php app/console sonata:page:create-snapshots –site=1 –site=2 –site=... php app/console sonata:page:cleanup-snapshots –site=1 –site=2 –site=...

9.3. Debug Commands

  • Print page composition:

    php app/console sonata:page:dump-page PAGE_ID
    php app/console sonata:page:dump-page PAGE_ID --extended
  • Render a block:

    php app/console sonata:page:render-block PAGE_ID BLOCK_ID
    php app/console sonata:page:render-block PAGE_ID BLOCK_ID

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