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.. index:: single: API API === ``SonataUserBundle`` embeds `Controllers` to provide an `API` through `FOSRestBundle`, with its documentation provided by ``NelmioApiDocBundle``. Setup ----- If you wish to use it, you must first follow the installation instructions of both bundles: * `FOSRestBundle `_ * `NelmioApiDocBundle `_ Here's the configuration we used, you may adapt it to your needs: .. code-block:: yaml fos_rest: param_fetcher_listener: true body_listener: true format_listener: true view: view_response_listener: force body_converter: enabled: true validate: true sensio_framework_extra: view: { annotations: false } router: { annotations: true } request: { converters: true } twig: exception_controller: 'FOS\RestBundle\Controller\ExceptionController::showAction' In order to activate the API's, you'll also need to add this to your routing: .. code-block:: yaml NelmioApiDocBundle: resource: "@NelmioApiDocBundle/Resources/config/routing.yml" prefix: /api/doc sonata_api_user: type: rest prefix: /api/user resource: "@SonataUserBundle/Resources/config/routing/api.xml" Serialization ------------- We're using ``JMSSerializationBundle's`` serializations groups to customize the inputs & outputs. The taxonomy is as follows: * ``sonata_api_read`` is the group used to display entities * ``sonata_api_write`` is the group used for input entities (when used instead of forms) If you wish to customize the outputted data, feel free to setup your own serialization options by configuring `JMSSerializer` with those groups.

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