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.. index:: single: Two-step validation single: Authentication single: Google Two-step Validation (with Google Authenticator) =============================================== The ``SonataUserBundle`` provides an optional layer of security by including a support for a Two-step Validation process. When the option is enabled, the login process is done with the following workflow: * the user enters the login and password * if the user get the correct credentials, then a code validation form is displayed * at this point, the user must enter a time based code provided by the Google Authenticator application * the code is valid only once per minute So if your login and password are compromised then the hacker must also hold your phone! Installation ------------ Add the following line to the ``composer.json`` file:: "sonata-project/google-authenticator": "dev-master" Edit the configuration file: .. code-block:: yaml # app/config/config.yml sonata_user: google_authenticator: enabled: true server: Now if the ``User::twoStepVerificationCode`` property is not null, then a second form will be displayed.

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