Sonata is an open source project with a very diverse community, where people from all over the world contribute their work, with everyone benefitting from friendly help and advice, and kindly helping others in return.

Sonata respects the Symfony’s conventions about contributing to the code. So before going further please review the contributing documentation of Symfony.

Our official channels:

NB: Each bug should be reported on its own bundle's repository on GitHub.

How to help?

Reporting bugs

If you find a bug we kindly request you to report it. However, before submitting it please:

Check the project documentation available online,

Then, if it appears that it’s a real bug, you may report it using GitHub by following these 3 points:

  • a clear title to resume the issue
  • a description of the workflow needed to reproduce the bug,
  • don’t hesitate giving as much information as you can (OS, PHP version extensions, …)

Help with the documentation

  • The documentation is in RST format (link to Sphinx documentation)
  • To contribute you have do send us pull requests

We would love to have your feedback on the quality of our documentation.


GitHub is failing to render the documentation properly, so please refer to the online documentation.

Read more about contributing here.